Cadillac Leadership Launches Kysor Fields Home Run Renovation

Donations Now Closed.  Renovations are Underway.  The Cadillac Leadership Group is partnering with the Viking Softball Association for the Kysor Fields Home Run Renovation project!  The project aims to raise money for field resurfacing.  The fields, which were dedicated in 1982, are past due for updates.  While the City of Cadillac owns the fields, Six…

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VSA Requires Little League Play

Starting with the 2023 season, the VSA Board requires all VSA players to participate in Little League play if they are eligible (see their website for eligibility information). Registration for Little League opens after the new year  Visit their website at to register!  You will need to first set up an account in sports…

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How VSA Came To Be

On Tuesday, November 11th, 2019 a group of parents and community members met to discuss starting a youth softball organization. It was determined that there was interest in forming an organization to serve as a feeder program for Cadillac High School softball. In subsequent meetings, a name was selected (Viking Softball Association), bylaws were adopted,…

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